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Personal VO Services

Group VO Services

Remote Direction

I work with you where you are.  All you need is a computer with Skype or Zoom installed and you’re all set.  Now you can get help with those challenging auditions without leaving the house.

Career Consulting

Career success requires a clear vision. I will help you find your way with my hard-won industry knowledge.

One-on-One Coaching Services

Your needs are unique, and the fastest way to develop your talent is with one-on-one privates. I work with voice artists all over the world in animation, commercial, and video games.

Local Workshops

If you are in the LA area, contact me for group training.

Touring Workshops & Conferences

I also provide in-person training and direction for small groups and VO conferences worldwide. Check in with me for availability.

Online Workouts

I frequently host online workouts to provide performance feedback to voice actors. Join my mailing list to get updates of upcoming online events.