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"Everett is a genuine professional and an amazing director! It was great working with him and learning more about the ins and outs of the animation business - if this is your passion there isn't anyone better to work with!"


Fraser Deacon

"I had never taken a voice workshop before, but with all of Everett’s experience in so many different parts of the animation industry, I figured he would be an excellent teacher. I turned out to be very right! For not having any idea what to expect or what my experience would be, I was absolutely blown away by how much I learned and what an incredible time I had! 


Everett helped me discover voices that I hadn’t been able to previously access, and had certainly never felt comfortable with. He has a fantastic ability of being able to pull instincts out of you that you never knew you had, changing the way you may approach the job and industry forever.


After a two-day intensive workshop, I’ve emerged as a stronger voice actor than ever before with a much broader range than I ever knew I had! Everett worked all of us really hard, but we also had a LOT of fun, and the networking was invaluable as well.


I would recommend Everett to anyone and everyone, from green to seasoned in the VO industry! If you need a seasoned opinion and/or a fresh take on some challenging audition material, there’s no better guy to help you.


As Everett always says, “stop thinking!” and send him an email! I’m glad I did!"


Samantha Weinstein